Perforce Commands

Here is a list of commonly used Perforce commands when dealing with branches. They are by no means comprehensive, but are intended as a quick reminder.

#Merge from mainline to branch
p4 info  
p4 integrate -b branch_name  
p4 submit

#Merge from branch to mainline
p4 info  
p4 integrate -b branch_name -r  
p4 integrate -b branch_name -r @=12345

#Integrate from one branch to another
p4 integrate //abc/main/...@2012/04/21 //abc/releases/r1/...

#Backout Changelist 1000
p4 info  
p4 sync @999  
p4 edit //depot/file1 //depot/file2 //depot/file3  
p4 sync  
p4 resolve -ay  
p4 submit  

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