Stock4Q Web App

Stock4Q website is live now, providing streaming stock quotes and portfolio management. It provides live quotes in a browser using HTML5 and supports variable refresh rates. Stock4Q has single sign-on with Facebook, Google and Yahoo using OAuth 2.0 and allows you to import your Google portfolios into Stock4Q using Google Finance API. It tracks the gains/losses for each portfolio allowing you to set buy/sell triggers with traffic light highlighting. It has charts and stokes that visualize the trends for your portfolios over weeks, months and quarters.

Stock4Q Highlights:

  • The app is FREE, try now at
  • Live streaming stock quotes
  • Refresh rate of 1sec, 2sec, 5sec or more
  • Track gains/losses, high/low highlighting for multiple portfolios
  • Portfolio trending data over weeks, months and quarters
  • Data visualization using charts and stokes
  • Single sign-on with Facebook, Google, Yahoo
  • All this using HTML5, it runs on mobile and tablet devices

Baldeep Hira

bay area programmer working on mobile/tablet/web apps and enterprise cloud apps; ui/ux, html5 and everything else for a prettier web and world

  • San Francisco Bay Area
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