Hi There!

I'm a programmer based in bay area since Y2K. Its been a quite a ride seeing valley go from dot com boom to bust to web 2.0 followed by mobile + social. I've been working with user interfaces for a while and thats what makes my dreams vivid at night ;) I love web clients and everything that goes with it. I started with HTML and JavaScript, delved into Flex and ActionScript and recently added Objective C to that. Life goes around a full circle, started with C and C++ in school before jumping to Java but am experimenting more with C/C++ again. On the server side its been mostly Java. I'm using PHP backend mostly for RESTful services for my mobile apps and am beginning to like it a bit more for its agility, but lack of compiler and loose syntax results in many a hair pulling debugging sessions. This blog is running on Node via Ghost. You can get more info about me at linkedIn. I try and put up occasional tweets @baldeephira. Feel free to send feedback and comments to baldeephira at gmail dot com.

Thank You for Visiting,
Baldeep Hira