Casper-Slidr Theme

Casper-Slidr is a theme for Ghost.js blogging platform. It is derived from the default Casper theme that comes as part of Ghost.js installation, hence the name...



  • Download from GitHub
  • Copy to <ghost install dir>/content/themes
  • unzip
  • Edit casper-slidr/default.hbs
    • Set width/height for 'blog-logo' style, based on the your blog logo
    • Customize the list entries under 'my-menu' to your liking
    • Remember to create the corresponding ghost pages
    • Set your Google Analytics Account Number instead of UA-XXXXXXX-X
  • Edit casper-slidr/post.hbs
    • Set disqus_shortname value to your blog instead of XXXXX
  • Copy your favicon to casper-slidr/assets/images/favicon.png

If you want to read more about what went on in developing this theme, check out this post. The source code for the theme is available at GitHub, its released under MIT License so feel free to fork it. This blog is running on Ghost.js and uses casper-slidr theme, so feel free to check out the live features.

Here are some screenshots of the theme as well:

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