Salesmobl iPhone App

Salesmobl iPhone App has been released. Salesmobl provides mobile access to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Events, Leads, Opportunities, and custom objects. Make one touch phone calls, send emails, log calls/emails in Salesforce and sync iPhone Contacts and Calendars with Salesforce. More details at Salesmobl site and you can view demo video on YouTube.

Salesmobl Highlights:

  • The app is FREE, try now at Apple iTunes
  • Dual app listing on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Single Sign-On using Salesforce OAuth 2.0
  • Mobile access to Salesforce
  • Browse Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Events, Leads
  • Browse Salesforce standard & custom objects
  • Customize fields for Salesforce objects
  • Contact Sync
  • Calendar Sync
  • Drill-down into object details
  • 1-tap phone call
  • 1-tap email
  • Log calls in Salesforce
  • Log emails in Salesforce

Salesmobl Image